“Landini Associates have created a warm shopping experience, with lovely wide aisels and great lighting. It feels more Wholefoods than discount, and just very confident and upmarket, anything but discount driven. It would be quite exciting to explore the aisles and do the shopping here rather than do it on the internet!" - Carmel Allen, Creative Director, Linley

"The design makes it seem more of a healthy, premium experience. The use of sopace makes it seem more luxurious and less 'supermarket'.
Matthew Moore, Head of Creative, Jigsaw Group


“The ATO has always been clear about the diverse set of values that it has to encompass, but has had difficulty translating these values into coherent, clear communications. Landini Associates was able to distil these values into a strategic tool that gave clear direction as to how to differentiate tone of voice where appropriate and within a consistent framework."
Chris Taylor, Assistant Commissioner Strategic Marketing, ATO Relations 


“One of five must visit places in Sydney!” 
- Wallpaper* Magazine

"Short Black reaches for superlatives to do justice to Awaba on Balmoral Beach. The food is superb, the position unbeatable, and the design breathtaking. Open just two weeks, it sets new standards for Sydney cafés. The menu is café sliding into restaurant, and everything that Short Black tasted was elegant and immensely satisfying. But it’s the interior that leaves you groping for adjectives..."
- Maggie Alderson, Short Black, Sydney Morning Herald


“This cafe-restaurant for tourists visiting Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens and for area residents out for a stroll stands in a prime location that is surrounded by overgrown trees and shrubs. A stainless steel chimney stretches up to the ceiling, which forms a well that admits lights from outside to fill the restaurant with a soft radiance”.
- World Restaurant And Bars


“Decorated in shades of oyster, caramel and chocolate, Browns is classic for it offers gentle respite from the rigors of city life.”
- Leigh Paatsch, The Daily Telegraph


“Landini Associates brought our vision into focus by developing the brand, maintaining that discipline in selective retail shop design, and most importantly, by introducing the ‘style’ which others now endeavour to emulate.”
- Roger Fairweather, Retail Development Director, Schroders Property


Coles’ owners, Wesfarmers, have described Coles Southlands as “the nation’s best supermarket”. Customers love it and it’s trading 40% up across all departments on its pre-refurbishment turnover.

“Thanks for your outstanding contribution in bringing together Let’s Eat. The feedback we have been receiving from the most important critics (our paying customers) has been totally and absolutely overwhelmingly positive.”
- Alan Williams, Managing Director, Coles Supermarkets

"It's been called ground-breaking, declared a world first and nicknamed Melbourne's Gastronomic Theme Park."
- Vogue Living and Entertaining

'It's difficult to make comparisons as there hasn't been anything quite like it before. Let's Eat is more than just another groovy grocer, and it's not quite the same as the food hall a la Harrods or David Jones. It's more accessible than, say, Paris' deluxe Fauchon or London's Fortnum and Mason, yet the Coles backed store has nothing of a supermarket isle about it."
- Vogue Living and Entertaining


“A 13 metre long kinetic light wall, which gently moves between seemingly random colour combinations, winking at passing ferries and painting the white space with hypnotic lights.”
- 100 of the Worlds Best Bars


"Landini Associates’ design for Foodchain by David Jones addresses our need for a practical retail-operating environment that is also visually stunning."
- Shane Tremble, General Manager, Foodchain

"I love it !!! It’s simple, a bit quirky, clever and contemporary, but still David Jones. Congrats."
- Jenni Deslandes, Marketing Manager, David Jones

"We haven't shopped anywhere else since it opened"
- Foodchain customer as quoted in Wallpaper* Magazine


 “Landini Associates consistently rates in our top five global retail design agencies. Incredibly stylish and creative but also solidly intellectual and commercially astute.”
- Echochamber


“Since you designed Fame Advertisings offices our sales conversion rate has doubled.”
- Peter Macaulife, Owner, Fame Advertising


“I worked with Mark for 4 years at Fitch. He created Esprit du Vin and introduced me to Bar Italia so I count him as one of the best. His work won lots of prizes but I don't hold that against him. Talent will out!"
- Bill Webb, Senior Lecturer, Retail Management, The London College of Fashion

"Mark, has one of the liveliest minds I have had the pleasure to work with. His ability to match commercial objectives and creatively push the team to new horizons produces solutions that are different, engaging and enduring."
- Rune Gustafson, President EMEA, Prophet

"Mark is a charismatic designer with his own views, bags of international and commercial experience, and a great sense of humour!"
- James Woudhuysen, Management Consulting Consultant and Contractor


"The English only just won the World Cup but Mark Landini is still conquering down under...Clean lines and precise 'Landini' detail have set the design of our Garfish restaurants apart from other recently established Sydney restaurants"
- Mark Scanlan, Co-owner, Garfish Restaurant


"Landini Associates truly connected with our concept, understood our mission and created a space that has enabled our brand to evolve to it's higher self, to function with purpose and to provide a feeling of safety and sophistication. What a wonderful experience working with such creatives who are clearly experts in design. We are grateful for the attention to detail and integrity they brought to this process. We will be forever grateful - words cannot describe. Thank you for your enchanting creativity, vision and attention to detail in the design and process of creating our store - whilst being by our side every step of the way. Here's to the next chapter, with thanks and much love." 
- Shira O'Sullivan, Director & Founder, gentSac


"This has set a new retail benchmark.”
- Deborah Minning, Retail Design and Investment Manager, Lendlease

"Landini have given us at Glassons a retail design that has helped us reinvent the brand. In an ever challenging retail world the need to stand out has become increasingly important. We had to be brave to adopt their design - but the results (both aesthetic and financial) have truly surpassed our wildest dreams. Money talks, bullshit walks.” Graeme Poppelwell, Glassons CEO, November 2016"Mark Landini has given us at Glassons a retail design that has helped us reinvent the brand. In an ever challenging retail world the need to stand out has become increasingly important. We had to be brave to adopt his design - but the results (both aesthetic and financial) have truly surpassed our wildest dreams. Money talks, bullshit walks.”
- Graeme Poppelwell, Glassons CEO


“The guidelines you have developed are the most complete we have ever received.”
- Martin Illingworth, Chief Architect, Harrods

“Harrods102 is a step on a new road for Harrods, working with Landini Associates, we have come up with a unique concept that effectively combines health, well-being and food under one roof.”
- Rene Dietsche, Director Of Food And Beverage, Harrods


“Guys, you have helped us create the best menswear store in Australia, our customers are telling us that too”
- Theo Poulakis, Owner, Harrolds Menswear


"Just wanted to drop a line to say that Vintaged received a chef’s hat from the good food guide for the second year running; I am sure the design and atmosphere greatly contribute to this feat". 
- Theo Veenboer, Director of Operations, Hilton Hotels 


The national store design managers of Westfield voted Jag the best fashion store
at Westfield Bondi Junction.

 “Jag is back.”
- The Sun Herald


“This is like no other grocer…the space is seductively stripped back and urbane, making delicious use of the original stone walls of the city's architecture.
- Ecochamber

“The evolution of one of Sydney's famed grocery stores into a global phenomenon has seen diversification that reaches across their store design as well as services.”
- Indesign Magazine


"Landini has created a brand image that communicates the Jurlique journey right from the energy of the bud, which they have manifested in the brand’s new marque and packaging."
- Indesign Magazine

"Mark Landini is one of the geniuses of retail design. As a force majeure for creative design in London throughout the 80s and 90s producing groundbreaking design at Fitch and Conran respectively, he moved to Sydney, quickly establishing Landini Associates as Australia's foremost creative agency. And with his recent work for Jurlique and now Loblaws it's clear he still does groundbreaking exceptionally well."
- Howard Saunders, Ecochamber


“I want to have Leon’s children.”
- Giles Coren, The Times 

“Has Pete Doherty turned a corner? The hard-living musician was clocked wearing a suit while eating his way through the healthy menu at Leon, just off Carnaby St (superfood salads, almond-flourbrownies). Weirder still, other members of Babyshambles were then seen at Leon’s branch in Ludgate Circus. Could the wild boys of rock be cleaning up their diet – and their act?”
- Lydia Slater, The Sunday Times


“Brighton has now put two record sales months together, and for those months it was the biggest selling site in Australia...You’ve got to be happy with that.”
- Tony Cramb, Senior Manager Network Development, Toyota Australia


“A key ingredient in the Landini Associates concept has been the ability to extend the retail solution in to all elements of the brand identity, including logo, livery, colours, product labels and execution guidelines for communication elements. An important requirement in commissioning new design is the ability to deal with and manage a relationship directly with the principle and creative force – Landini Associates provides this and their work has been integral to this project…sound brand strategy has been combined with creative expertise to create a brand identity that works across all facets of the organisation.“
- Craig Watkins, Managing Director, Liquorland 


“This brand new Loblaws in Toronto makes the design of the mighty Eataly look pedestrian and begs the question: is this the world’s best supermarket? Our answer is yes”.
- Howard Saunders, Principle, Echochamber

"Loblaws polled 71% of the public’s vote for the best new food store against 3% for the new Wholefoods store."
- The Toronto Star

“The Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws has significantly improved my standard of living”.

"Over my 17 years at Loblaws I have never worked with a Design firm with as much knowledge as Landini Associates from strategy, branding, millwork / fixturing details and truly understanding retail operations. The passion that Landini has and the confidence in their designs has helped make Loblaws Design team very well respected by senior management and for that I would really like to thank the Landini team."
- Mike Angus, Senior Director, Design and Signage, Loblaws

 "The design of Loblaws Maple Leaf Gardens really pushes the boundaries of the supermarket retail experience."
- Sean Hatcher, World Architecture News Judge

"A richly layered urban retail environment with integrated planning, interior architecture and branding that creates a dynamic city place of broad functional, economic and meaningful value."
- Stephen Jones, World Architecture News Judge

"I've had the fortunate pleasure of being a past client of Mark’s and the Landini Associates team. I can honestly say it was an awesome experience. The incredible team at Landini is creative and results driven and their attention to detail and focus on retail operational efficiencies are second to none. All of these qualities are realized at the Loblaws grocery store at the old Maple Leaf Gardens where the team created an incredible retail experience that rivals the best grocery experiences around the globe. Not to mention that every individual on the team is warm, full of respect for the client, talented and easy to work with. I’m sure we will see many more successful retail initiatives designed by this group."
- Almira Pehadzic, Senior Project Manager, Target

"Six months ago Loblaw Companies Limited issued an RFP to four design firms asking for their best creative work for our most high profile project in many years, Maple Leaf Gardens. Landini and Associates was one of the companies that had participated in this tender and were the awarding firm. The Landini team had not only demonstrated very strong creative skills in their proposal but have since then (to date) demonstrated how a project of this magnitude can be executed from the other side of the world (Australia). In the scope of this project Landini Associates are responsible for the exterior design and signage, total store environmental design, store layout, as well as all interior graphic design. On all fronts, this design firm embraced this project with professionalism, passion and pride.  They are very proactive in their execution, creative in their design and have demonstrated that working from a distance is not an issue and easily manageable. To date the project and interaction with the Landini group has been one with shared teamwork and is producing very effective and positive results. We are very confident in this relationship and look forward to developing the 'World’s Best Foodstore'."
- Fredrick Dumais, Senior Vice President, Loblaws

"Mark, you are a Rockstar! I appreciated the time we spent working together. It truly was one of the highlights of my retail career."
- Michael Lovsin, Loblaws

"I love working with you guys! There is some really fantastic stuff in this deck. Must have taken a lot of time and effort. I am very pleased with the directions you have explored."
- Vince Ovunc Unal, Senior Director, Store Design and Signage, Loblaws

"Awesome work. I am very excited to show the boss this work!!! Well done."
- Al Burke, Senior Vice President of Construction and Store Development, Loblaws


"As creatives I know you delivered your heart and soul on a plate after living and breathing this project for months and the results are fantastic! It is inspiring to see the possibilities in front of us as a brand and energising to think of what this can do for people, place and product!" - Erin Pawle, Senior Director Design, Global Developments, McDonald's

"Inspiring, energizing and transformational – thanks for opening a big window for the McDonald’s brand- I look forward to continuing to engage, develop and evolve.”
- Peter Rodwell, Director, APMEA

"The bar has been raised for sure. “
-  Yousif  Abdulghani. Managing Director of Middle East Development Company, McDonalds

"The store could not look better. My favorite thing at the moment is watching how people use the space and how they interact and where they gravitate to. The most picked up thing off the floor is peoples jaw’s as they get such a shock when they walk in. To the whole team at Landini’s we thank you for your creation and support.” 
- Erin Pawle, Senior Director Design, Global Developments, McDonald's

“Got to say, Landini's have done an exceptional job. We wanted something special that would reinvent a category and allow us to stand proud of who we are and got it.”
- Erin Pawle, Senior Design Director, McDonald’s

“McDonald’s Next is a key milestone to us and we are very fortunate to have you as our partner in bringing this crazy idea come to live. We really enjoy working with you and truly cherish your innovative mindset and unfailing support. Once again, my heartfelt thanks to you for taking on this difficult task and making it a success.”
– Randy Lai, managing Director, McDonald’s Hong Kong

"Standout designs from around the globe. Fair is fair: McDonald’s Hong Kong made us look.”
– Wallpaper* Magazine



 “Landini Associates has been integral to this project. Sound brand strategy has been combined with creative expertise to create a brand identity that works across all facets of the organisation.”
- Denis Rowe, National Marketing Manager Macquarie Telecom

“I attended the Perth Brand Launch/Xmas Party last night at the PCEC.  I have to give you 12/10 for the branding around the Centre.  The quantity, size & style exceeded my expectations.  Very impressed - well done!”
- David Tudehope, Chief Executive, Macquarie Telecom


“It’s been a spectacular success. The shop worked immediately and was a pivotal point in terms of our company's history.”
- Dare Jennings, Owner, Mambo


“I want to thank you for the outstanding work you have done. You were involved from the outset with Mobil’s retail renewal program helping to deliver some outstanding new concepts despite tight budgets and timescales. I believe you are the retail designer of choice here in Australia and your design signature has created some truly differentiated concepts for Mobil.”
- John Helme, General Manager, Pegasus Retail


"With a very tight deadline and working with a completely new concept, Landini and Associates managed to achieve the impossible. The brief was broad and included creating retail space, designing the logistics of the technology, creating a new corporate identity, collateral, website and uniform. The result is a complete experience from the moment you enter the store: a slick, inviting and extremely powerful marketing tool. Landini's professionalism and experience have given the Morffew Photos brand a distinctive marketing edge. Their approach encouraged our company to think outside the traditional "photographic studio". The success of the MPBJ site in the first six months of trade has exceeded the company's two year goal. The company is planning major expansions in 2005, and, along with Landini and Associates, look forward to producing world leading retail environments."
- Kas Charkaoui, Director, The Morffew Group


“Ned’s was created out of a passion for bread, a very competitive category indeed; we needed to be new bread. The space was critical for the launch of this brand.  Ned’s needed to age beautifully  “a classic” with a modern twist like an old European bakery somewhere in Italy (Milan) full of romance and drama that handles  the build up of flour in the corners and steamy morning windows from Huge ovens baking since  3am, it needed to serve breakfast in the early morning then lunch to the daytime crowd and a sophisticated casual dinner service. Our kitchen had to be on display to add the theater of true artisan bread and pastry. After working with Mark for a few years on the T2 Brand I knew he was the only person for the job as he knows how to break the rules and create a unique space for team and customer to enjoy for many years to come. Since opening only 6 months ago we have been listed in top 20 Breakfast spots in Melbourne by “Broadsheet” and “The Sunday Age”. We are full from morning to night and are considering our second site in Melbourne.
- Maryanne Shearer, Co-Director, Ned's Bake

“One of '5 Must Try' new Cafe's in Melbourne."
- Broadsheet Melbourne


"On behalf of Michael and myself, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you've done for us with Miranda. You seemed to understand our requirements from the start - even better than we did! I also wanted to thank you for the fact that you deal with so many big name clients, but still have time for the little guys like us! It was a pleasure dealing with you and the team and thanks again for the outstanding work." 
Rose Basile, Office Manager, Panetta Fruits


"The entire team at Landini Associates were tremendously helpful in consolidating all the areas of design and construction we required for our first retail outlet. Not only were they an absolute pleasure to deal with, but their skills in identifying opportunities within a given (and very tight) budget and generating solutions with great impact have meant we have a store that is far exceeding our sales expectations!"
- Rene Pilkington, Owner, Papinelle


“We wanted to create a fresh new approach to retail floristry. Our brief: the Pearsons stores had to reflect the beauty of our product, as well as the quality and contemporary style of our brand. Landini Associates took these ideas, translated them into chic new stores, and developed a corporate identity that is still meeting our goals.”
- Barbara Pollack, Proprietor, Pearsons Florist


“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Mark and the team at Landini and I am convinced we would not have got to where we have reached without their efforts. In my opinion, there are three things that make them the best at what they do:

1. They take the time to truly understand and immerse themselves in the brand,
2. They seek to understand everything they possibly can about existing and target shoppers and
3. They have the creative brilliance to pull all these elements together in visually stunning way ...”
- David Phillips, Senior National Brand Manager, Penfolds


“Judging by the response that has greeted the sleek new Phatboys Restaurant in East Sydney – booked solid tonight, with people being turned away – we are conditioned to expect a lot more than chicken curry and Tom Yang Goong. Phatboys makes a statement from the word go, with a space that is as white and long as a noodle.”
- Terry Durack, Good Living, Sydney Morning Herald

“Landini Associates design and identity development has consistently enabled us to punch above our weight.”
Nick and Phen Townsend, Proprietors, Phatboys Restaurant


“Landini Associates have created a retreat for lovers of fine wines and cigars in one of the world’s most enviable locations. The envelope of deep charcoal grey finishes ensures discreet and sultry atmosphere for the bar’s premium clientele, as well as maximizing the unsurpassed views of the Sydney Opera House”.
- 100 of the World's Best bars


“This wonderful flagship boutique in the bustling Myeong-Dong shopping district of central Seoul is the brand's first store and is a storytelling showcase for the brand's ethical and environmentally friendly roots. It's also one of the best pieces of retail design we have ever seen.”
- Matthew Brown, Ecochamber


“Successful retailing is about knowing what your customer wants and delivering more. Landini Associates instinctively understood this and ensured Quaffers delivered more to it’s customers”.
- Shane Sinclair, General Manager, Merchandise, Liquorland


“Design is good for business: Landini’s design solution is not only visually appealing but helps Redroom DVD to achieve its business objectives. The design solution creates a unique experience and invites the customer to browse interactively, check out reviews, watch trailers and choose from literally thousands of DVD’s. And that’s all 24/7.”
- Penny Hardy, Inside Magazine


Landini thought outside the box and challenged convention; developing an innovative and exciting jewellery display concept for our flagship boutique. The attention to detail Landini Associates gave to our project was well received and crucial to display jewellery product as fine as ours. We are thrilled with the space and the unique experience that has been created for our clients."
- Sarah Gittoes, Founder/Creative Director, SARAH & SEBASTIAN


“Fashion success story Sass & Bide finally arrived on the style map after opening its first flagship store on Oxford Street. The store is a mecca for devout followers of the brand, which tops the world’s hottest shopping lists”.
- Sydney Morning Herald


“I am delighted to share with everyone the first results on our refurbishment program. They deliver a fresh, more feminine feel, brighter, denser merchandise, effective use of the select brand (probably for the first time ever) and simple solutions in the areas we have or are growing strength. A strong use of wood finishes, new easy-to-look-after fixtures, strong use of visual merchandise statements, services, integration of safety jump screen, powerful use of counter space, simple communication to the customer are all key features. We have come a long way! The look is excellent, the costs very reasonable, the results will have come in much higher than we planned.”
- Bruce Rosengarten, Managing Director Retail Marketing, Oceanai


"Landini Associates won the tender and thus began a wonderfully collaborative and creative time in which Mark Landini and his superb team worked hand in hand with those of us at SOPA to deliver what is now recognised as certainly the best Visitor Centre in the state, if not the country.  Regional tourist offices are actually brought down to SOPA to tour the facility to show them ‘how to’ in destination landmark terms. The building space in which we were to create the centre had severe limitations to design and we had the challenge of creating both a museum space and a commercial outlet side by side.  The advantage of Landini on the project was their cross-functionality as a company bringing design, marketing and branding skills to the planning and execution which resulted in an evocative showcase of Sydney Olympic Park, its history and its future direction.

Within the first month, foot traffic to the Visitor Centre had doubled and continues to grow. SOPA now have the perfect showcase for their merchandise lines and we were able to take advantage of the Rugby World Cup festival to push sales to their highest level ever. The total project was scoped, conceived, developed and delivered within nine months and the result was an imaginative practical and visually stunning space that educates, excites and encourages our visitors to discover more of the Park. For my part I am always looking for other opportunities to work with Landini Associates because I can always be assured of professionalism, creativity, innovation and fun!"
- Carmel Beattie, Director of Visitor Experience, SOPA


"An overdose of coffee bars on the high streets makes the arrival of a refreshing tea bar a welcome relief. T2B is the retail venture of T2, an Australian premium tea company, and the message is clear: tea is cooler than coffee."
- Frame Magazine

"Wow! Love it... Thanks!"
– Maryanne Shearer, Founder, T2

“The interior rethinks teahouse conventions for a new generation”.
- Powershop 4, Frame Publishers


"The T2 Headquarters are undoubtedly an exercise in eloquent, understated interior design."
- Inside Magazine

“It needed to feel like home, and it does. It is a place that people can not wait to get to in the morning, that makes everyone feel proud of themselves and of course the T2 brand.”
- Maryanne Shearer, Founder, T2

“A great working environment and a really nice expression of the brand. It simply does everything.”
- World Interior News Judges, 2014


“Landini Associates’ well-resolved design of T2 in the UK has won global accolades for the local practice, beating entrants worldwide to the title of International Store of the Year by the Retail Design Institute of America.” Australian Design Review, January 2015

"T2 Shoreditch looks great, perfect for where it is. THANK YOU! Looking forward to NY. Love your work.”
-Maryanne Shearer, Founder, T2

“The Aussies show us Brits how tea should be done."
- World Interior News

 “Looks amazing! Thank you for all of your vision and work that has gone into our first international store. Hopefully the first of many!”  
- Kate Iles, Store Development and Project Manager, T2

“T2 Shoreditch blends old with new, retaining elements of T2’s Aussie heritage while adding a series of creative firsts for the brand.”
- Inside Retail

“The design, by Landini Associates, reflects the brand’s passion and expertise. This is definitely the best looking and funkiest tea shop on the planet.”
- Matthew Brown, Echochamber

“Seamless integration of brand, graphic and product creating a clever interior experience.”
– Felicity Roocke, World Interior News Award Judge

“This is a powerful retail concept that gives a powerful message.”
– Philip Tidd, World Interior News Award Judge

“Makes you want to find out more about the product, pure retail design.”
– Iris Dunbar, World Interior News Award Judge


"Thank you for the work you have completed on the stores this year.  Prince St. NYC looks amazing and has been a great success.”
- Kate Iles, Store Development and Project Manager, T2


“On behalf of the Camperdown team, we thank you for helping us bring our vision to life!”
- Jodie Cooke, Brand Extension Development Director APMEA ,December 2014

“We love working with you and your team. Thank you for engaging so energetically and providing such high quality interaction - I have been inspired and learnt a lot since we first met."
- Peter Rodwell, Division President Greater Asia-Middle East at McDonald's Corporation, December 2014


“The Kitchens is an enticing theatre of food. Landini – whose clients include everyone from Selfridges and Aldi to Jones the Grocer and T2 – has brought all the character, warmth and community of the new food precinct to what is essentially a shopping centre.”
– Australian Financial Review

“One of the most inspiring projects I have seen recently.”
- Anders Warma Faring, Editor, Handlestrender

“Landini Associates adapts elements from the contemporary food hall, food court and factory, and reconfigures them to create a gastronomic playground on the Gold Coast. “The Kitchens by Landini Associates makes food shopping a human event again.” 
– FRAME Magazine

“Fuck Yeah!”
- Stuart Miller, Queensland Investment Corporation

“The Kitchens really pushes the boundaries and blurs the lines of both casual dining and food retailing, redefining the way we traditionally view food precincts.The Kitchens has provided the Gold Coast with an urban marketplace, delivering a multi-sensory, fresh food and dining experience." 
- Chris Mountford, Queensland Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia


“Landini Associates has combined the majesty of the original architecture with a great modern scheme – a breath of fresh air.”
- Manuel Spinola, Managing Director, The Tea Room


“Thank you so much for all your hard work! We have had nothing but brilliant feedback”.
- Natalie Quirke, Marketing Manager Retail, Telecom New Zealand

“The Telecom Shed was a one-off opportunity to change the way people felt about our company.  We had a fantastic structure and a strong vision of what we wanted people to experience within the Shed, we just didn't know how to translate this into the physical environment.  The decision to introduce Landini to the project was inspired, they worked collaboratively with the architect and project management, pushing our thinking and making the vision a reality. From inception it was clear that the Landini team had truly embraced the project and were as connected to the outcome as any of the Telecom team.  They were very hands on and worked hard to accommodate the changing requirements we had.  In particular they were creative in developing solutions to issues as they arose, right down to the last minute fitout and opening ceremony. 

The value that Landini added to this project is difficult to express adequately - suffice to say their involvement elevated the Shed from a great looking exhibition space to an extremely successful brand experience that positively impacted on the Telecom brand and resulted in increased brand preference.  It was a great experience to work with such a passionate and creative team.”
- Su Duffey, Marketing Manager, The Shed, Telecom New Zealand 


“I tell everybody I'm having an affair with Thomas Dux, because I spend more time there than in most other places! It's self siustaining, it's all I need."
- David Bush, Founder and Director of Retail and Fashion Consultancy David Bush Consulting as quoted in Sunday Style Magazine


“We have been involved with Landini Associates since 2000 when we commissioned them to design the interior of Botanic Garden Restaurant. This restaurant 11 years on is still very contemporary and a flexible space for the many events that we host. As you walk into the venue it still has that “wow” factor. Since then we have worked closely with Landini on numerous designs and refurbishments including The Sydney Mint Café, Patisse, The Pavilion, NSW Art Gallery Café and Restaurant, Centennial Parklands Dining and Sydney Tower Restaurant. Each project’s brief has been discussed in detail with Mark Landini and his team who have understood the brief and designed and documented to the smallest detail. Whilst the project is in the building process Landini are always very insightful and have gone out of their way to ensure it is a smooth process. I happily recommend them."
- Brien Trippas, Managing Director, Trippas White Group


“Landini Associates has provided a compelling retail vision tempered with the relevant practical considerations of operating and implementing a new retail format. To a large extent, the clear brand positioning of Vintage Cellars as a  service and knowledge based fine wine retailer can be attributed to the information rich retail solution that was developed for the business - a solution which includes Logo, packaging, customer information material as well as label design. An important requirement in commissioning a new design is the ability to deal with and manage a relationship directly with the principal and creative force - Landini Associates provides this.”
- Philip Hartman, General Manager Marketing, Liquorland


“Even if there weren’t two blends of coffee on offer, with every possible combination of milk, soya milk, size and strength, it would be worth popping in just to look at Mark Landini’s brilliant orange, white and silver interior. We especially like the coffee combo flow chart graphic behind the counter.”
- Wallpaper* Magazine


“Landini Associates takes time to understand the business and customer objectives of an organisation. The resulting design solutions significantly enhance the customer experience, creating an environment where the customer feels more comfortable about making a purchase decision.”
- Fiona Pearman, Brand Manager, Volvo Car Australia

 “The Volvo Gallery is a hallmark for Volvo in Sydney, presenting new standards for presenting a brand in a different environment”
- Jan Erickson, Managing Director, Volvo Australia

"When you engage Mark Landini, you'll work with someone who has in depth knowledge and experience in every facet of making brand interactions meaningful to their target audiences. Mark's vision is compelling and insightful. His focus ensures that your brand leverages every customer touch-point and that it is carefully considered and beautifully articulated. He's fun to work with and firm where necessary to retain the integrity of the project. Mark worked with Volvo Car Australia for several years and was integral to creating a unified brand experience that received rave reviews. If you require world class design and brand expertise Mark Landini and the team at Landini Associates are collaborative partners who will deliver truly inspired results."
- Fiona Pearman, Brand Strategist & Brand Culture Specialist, Volvo Car Australia


"Landini Associates was the only agency that was able to develop a concept that answered our brief including our key objectives, to use our Olympic partnership as a vehicle to build our brand equity and to differentiate Westpac from the crowd.
- Lucille Millar, Brand Manager, Westpac Banking Corporation 

"The brief to Landini Associates was to transform the branch design. They responded by transforming the branch experience. Where the incumbent agency (whom Landini replaced) took the approach of starting with the look-and-feel of the branch, Landini started by challenging the (then) current convention. Landini were a great partner in the process, from thought leadership through to final implementation and everything in between. They challenged and expanded our thinking. and helped realise our strategy and vision. I enjoyed working with them, and would welcome the opportunity to do so again."
- Jee-Yoon Moon, Head of Multi-Brand, The Westpac Group


“I just wanted to tell you Mark that I’m standing outside our first Yd store, and mate, it’s bloody fantastic.......! Thanks for everything.”
- Todd Trenear, Owner, YD